“If You Are A Musician Who Wants To Discover How To Connect With Any Crowd, Win Them Over, And Make Them Love You And Your Music…
Then You Are About To Learn The Exact Methods Used By The Most Successful Musicians On The Planet! It’s All Inside My New Book.”

From:  Mark A. Johnson, author of “The Musician’s Guide To A Great Live Performance.”

Dear Fellow Artist,

Have you ever been on stage, performing your music, only to discover that the crowd is just not that into you?

Does the audience sometimes seem unimpressed with your show?

Even though your music is good, are there times when you just can’t seem to “grab” the crowd and you don’t know what to say or do to draw them in and win them over?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone. As musicians, we have probably all had that experience. And it’s a really awful feeling, isn’t it? You want the crowd to love you, and when they don’t, it’s embarrassing… and really hard to take.

But the good news is that it’s very likely that the problem is not that you lack talent or passion for your music. It’s much more likely that the problem is in the WAY you present your music (and yourself) to the audience.

If your music is good but the crowd still doesn’t love you, then you have a relationship problem with the audience. You’re just not “connecting” with the people. But that relationship problem is not going to be solved by being a better singer or instrumentalist.

Here’s what I’m talking about… as musicians, we put our hearts and souls into our music and we just want to share it with the rest of the world, but in the real world… it’s just not that easy.

“When You Are On Stage, It Would Be Much Easier If The Audience Would Judge You Only On The Music You Perform, But The Truth Is… They Won’t!
They Will Also Judge You On…”

  • How you look and what you wear on stage
  • What you say to them between songs
  • What your attitude is toward them
  • How confident you appear to be
  • Whether you smile
  • How you handle mistakes on stage
  • How you make them feel
  • How friendly and likeable you are
  • Whether you touch them emotionally
  • How much energy you project on stage
  • Plus a whole lot more that is beyond just the physical act of making music.
Of course, they will always judge your musical ability, but they will also judge you on your stage presence and total presentation skills.

As musicians, we would rather focus only on our music… but these other things are all very important to the audience. So getting these things right is crucial when it comes to winning over the crowd.

You know, when you think about it… 

“Success In The Music Business Is Really About Making The Audience Happy.”
THAT’S how you get lots of fans. And THAT’S ALSO how you get lots of gigs. And if you want to get paid for what you do, then it’s important to remember that in the music business the money is in the pockets of the fans. 

So if you want to be successful, put the audience first in all that you do… not yourself… not even your music. Always put the audience first. Make them your highest priority and they will love you for it.

“The Audience Comes To Your Live Show For One Reason Only… To Have A Good Time. They Want To Be Entertained. And That, My Friend, Takes More Than Just Good Music.”


If the audience wanted to ONLY listen to music they could stay home and listen to recordings of their favorite songs. But they want more than that. They get up off the couch and go to your live shows to…

  • See you perform your songs
  • Hear what you have to say between songs
  • Emotionally connect with you
  • Laugh with you
  • Get to know you better
  • Feel the energy and excitement of your live show
  • And ultimately be entertained
“…And That’s Where Most Performers Fail!”
Connecting with an audience is not easy. Of course they want to hear your music… but they also want to experience a closeness and rapport with you so they feel like they are an insider in your personal world. But most musicians don’t know how to engage the audience and make that important connection.

That’s why I wrote “The Musician’s Guide To A Great Live Performance”. To teach you what most musicians don’t even realize they don’t know. If you expect to turn the audience members into true fans, you have to engage them on an emotional level and make them understand that you are there just for them. That’s why I say that it takes much more than just music to have a great live show.

“At Every Performance You Only Have A Few Minutes To Make A Real (Emotional) Connection With Your Audience.  And If You Don’t… You Will Lose A Whole Crowd Full Of Potential Fans.”

“The Musician’s Guide To A Great Live Performance” is available in either Paperback or Digital eBook (PDF) format and comes with a “60-Day, No Hassle, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee”

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This book contains twenty chapters, each of which is designed to help you master the key performance skills necessary to make the audience love you and your music.

It contains no fluff and no hype… just page after page of practical information you will use to take your music career to the next level. Things like…

  • How to grab the audience by their emotions and make them love you! (If they don’t connect with you as a person, it won’t really matter how good of a singer or instrumentalist you are.)
  • How to develop good stage presence. Good stage presence is absolutely essential to your success. (And it will make a dramatic difference as to whether the audience likes you or not.)
  • How to exude lots of confidence on stage without appearing arrogant. (You must get this right.) It’s extremely important to project a commanding, confident attitude on stage. If you don’t, it will be nearly impossible for you to connect with the crowd. (If you struggle with self-confidence at all, then the chapter on confidence alone will be worth many times the price of the book.)
  • How to get over stage fright so you can perform with power and confidence. (If you appear the least bit shy or unsure of yourself on stage it will kill your show.) You’ll learn how to handle stage fright so you can focus on making the audience happy instead of worrying about your nervousness and fear.
  • How to use comedy to break down that invisible barrier between you and the audience. Comedy breaks through that barrier better than just about anything else you can do. (But be careful… most performers don’t get this right. You can ruin your show if you don’t use comedy correctly.)
  • What to do if something goes wrong on stage. You know mistakes are bound to happen… but I’ll teach you how to minimize them so you don’t completely embarrass yourself.
  • What not to do on stage. (Sometimes the best way to learn what to do is to first learn what not to do.) I have written an entire chapter about a live show I attended where a very talented band completely failed to engage their audience. Even though their music was very good, half the crowd got up and left. I use them as an example so you’ll know exactly what to avoid doing yourself.
  • Plus lots more principles, tips, secrets and techniques you will use to take your music to the next level of success.

Now, I’m not claiming that this book contains a magic formula or an easy fix. It doesn’t. So if that’s what you are looking for, then I can’t help you. Obviously, no one can just read a book and expect to be an overnight success. It takes work. But it will take a lot less work when you learn these powerful techniques. You can apply this knowledge and literally shave years off the time it takes to figure this stuff out on your own. (And the truth is… most musicians will never figure it out on their own.)

You’ll discover how to win over any crowd and make them your friends. And more importantly, you’ll learn how to turn them into true fans… ticket buying, merchandise buying, adoring fans!

“So Let Me Ask You This…
How Good Would A Little Fame Feel?”
Wouldn’t it feel great to have the audience in the palm of your hand, knowing that they love what you do? How would it feel to perform for hundreds or maybe even thousands of raving fans and finally get the recognition you deserve? That’s why I wrote this book… so you can experience the pure, adrenalin pumping excitement that happens when you really kill it on stage.

Don’t waste all the months and years of hard work you’ve put into developing your musical talent just because you don’t know how to present your music to the audience in the best way possible. You owe it to yourself (and your music) to discover how to really grab the crowd and make them love what you do.

“You’ll Earn Back The Small Price Of This Book At Your Next Gig… And Every Gig Thereafter.
And you’ll get more gigs in the future when people see that you know how to really entertain a crowd. Plus, you’ll sell a lot more merchandise at every performance if you truly connect with the audience. It’s just human nature for people to buy more from someone they like.

Now, forgive me for sounding a little overly dramatic here, but… think of what it may cost you in the future if you don’t have this knowledge. What will your show look like a year from now? Will it be any better than it is now? Will you have more fans than you have now? Will you be making more money with your music than you are now? Or will you still be struggling along… trying to figure out why people aren’t crazy about you and your music?

The purchase of this book is not an expense… it’s a tiny investment in your musical future that can have a tremendous impact on your popularity and success.

You know, I believe that once you’ve read my book, you will probably know more about entertaining a crowd than 95% of the musicians on the planet. I put these entertainment principles, tips and techniques in the book to show you EXACTLY what the most successful musicians do to connect with their audiences… so YOU can have an amazing show yourself. You’ll save yourself years of guesswork and frustration.

Is Your Musical Success Worth $24.95? (Or Even $19.95 For My Digital eBook?)  I Believe It Is
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Our 60-Day, No Hassle, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

“I’m totally convinced that you’re going to love this book. Try it for 60 days and prove to yourself that the skills you learn will help you win over any crowd and gain more fans. If you’re not completely happy, just return the book and I’ll send your money back right away (minus shipping & handling). If you purchase the Digital eBook (PDF) then there is nothing to return, I’ll just refund your money upon request. It’s just that simple… you be the judge and I’ll take all the risk.”

“The Musician’s Guide To A Great Live Performance” is available in either Paperback or Digital eBook (PDF) format.

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Instant Download of Digital eBook (PDF) $19.95 USD


Paperback Book (6″ x 9″, 160 Pages) $24.95 USD

Plus $5.00 shipping & handling for the 1st book
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Paperback books will only be shipped to US & CANADA addresses. All other countries please purchase the Digital eBook (PDF) above for instant download.


P.S.  If you are serious about your music, then you MUST understand how to make a real, emotional connection with the people in the crowd in ways that you can never do with your music alone. If the audience doesn’t like you AS A PERSON then it won’t really matter how good of a musician you are. In this book you’ll discover how to win them over and turn them into real fans. Your competition is going to hate you for learning this stuff… but the crowds are going to love you!

P.P.S.  I’m so certain you’ll love my book that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Your purchase is totally risk free thanks to my 60 day, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee.

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